February 11, 2009

Bark and onion in my eye.

Turning off the TV
Learning to turn of the TV, to spend my time more effectively.
I am already behind in my classes, which means even less time for art--or guiltless art.
I don't want to work, I just want to play in my journal all day! (and listent to oldies!)

A room of one's own.
And dream of a space of my own, of being free from the weight of this house and all its contents
Expanding expanding.

February 8, 2009

Contemplating the hours.

Another drive in search of photographic adventure. 
We saw a few abandoned and semi-abandoned sites that we'd like to explore further, took country roads with dilapidated farms and defunct restauruants. 
Our best find (or what made us get out of the car) was this historical building which at the turn of the century was home to "good Irish stock." Agent P. is enthralled with old structures and abandoned factories, learning about their histories, dreaming about the people who used to live or work there, and ultimately preserving them with her camera. It's frustrating that this subject is now en vogue, causing people to desecrate these beautiful remnants just to get a good shot. 

the hours.
 She sat on the stoop and contemplated the hours of the people who had sat there before, and the hours in between. What did they wait for?

through the gate.
Blue sky, red brick, green grass, perfect sunlight: perfect day.

Another set of twins.

pebble ramparts.
Lone door, pebbles, and snow.


Contrast & treasure!

the drive.
Slick pavement, beautiful road shot through the winshield. 

There were so many gorgeous puddles and illuminated praire grasses. 
Loving the warm weather.
And there are ghost towns in Illinois. Who knew? Not as cool as the ones out west but worth exploring. There's a county in southern illinois with five such towns!
xo Lara

February 4, 2009

Chasing the moon.

I saw the most beautiful sliver of a sideways moon last week on my way home and planets like jellyfish, billowy tentacles of light ascending toward the heavens. The sliver was daintily perched between the two lines of trees on either side of the street. When I went back out to take a picture it was gone, I ran to the highest spot but I couldn't find it. The next night, it was high in the sky and no longer a sliver, but I snapped a quick picture anyway down my driveway. I'll be ready if it comes around again this month: February 28th.

xo Lara

January mosaic.

A January mosaic., originally uploaded by kaliji.

January was a great month, I:
became enthralled with a new medium, photography.
fell in love with winter.
went on a few adventures.
finished a journal (well, practically).
created a piece outside of my journal.
connected with amazing artists.
saw a sideways moon and jellyfish in the sky.
dreamed new dreams.

I wonder what February will bring?