July 28, 2008

Clare lives in trees and borrows the chalk.

she told me her name was Clare., originally uploaded by kaliji.

I sat down with the intention to paint an ogre or giant (more about that project later) and became possessed by Clare. The drawing flowed out. Perhaps she is a tree spirit. This morning she showed me where she lives and plays.

Her eyes draw me in--coupled with the pointy ears her gaze seems impish. The full lips. The obstinate neck. One things for sure, she is a warrior.

Gesso, Charcoal, Graphite, & Acrylic.

- -

July 26, 2008

Love From Chicago.

This week we explored Chicago like a new breed of tourist--one without purpose but with a sense of direction. How silly to deprive myself of the best attractions my city has to offer because of my disdain towards those who adhere to the beaten path and its sickening commercialism.
In truth, I have found that it is also those whose goal it is to live "off the beaten path" who are deluded for they naively believe that path less traveled is not comparably commercial and restricting. Na'mean?
First stop: a water taxi to Navy Pier. The driver was fond of our Chucks (furry leopard print and classic black, respectively) and we were fond of his very important dreadlocks.The Museum of Modern Art is free on Tuesdays. This was in the shop--where I agonized for a good hour about which books I couldn't live without. I decided on The 1000 Journals Project, The Guerrilla Art Kit, and This Book Will Change Your Life (in a facetious sort of way).
We had the pleasure of seeing Cindy Sherman's work.MOMO also has free jazz concerts Tuesday nights --a swanky cashbar on the patio and couples picnicking on the lawn below.We fell in love with this place and its amazing gelato. It took a lot of staring and a few taste tests but we opted for Chocolate/Spumoni and Pistachio/White Chocolate.She wanted to show me the sunset over the city.
I pretended to be foreign.
So many beautiful accents and people.We had sat at this beach earlier.The fountain in front of L'Appetito at night.
We both have a thing for falling water--from both natural and human-made structures.
We seek out secret fountains and waterfalls. The only caveat was that we spent an unholy wad of cash on coffee at Starbucks and Ghiradelli and it was mere water dressed in brown. This is my disappointed face.Luckily dashing out of one's car and dancing randomly in subdivision parking lots and at railroad crossings can cure the bad coffee (and most) blues.
I've been thinking a lot about decision making this week--and in just looking over this post it is evident that I have serious probs when it comes to making them. When you stare at an ice cream freezer in Jewel for forty minutes before deciding which two flavors to purchase, you need help. If I freak out about the most inconsequential of decisions--how can I decide which college to transfer to? How will I make the right decision about the the things that are important? Simple: stop agonizing about making the right decision in the first place, pooface.
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July 16, 2008

I can hear you smile 30 miles away.

smile., originally uploaded by kaliji.

Putzing around with a drawing kit (eep!) that has been gathering dust --a quick sketchy sketch.
I have been flirting with the idea of taking an art class or two before I transfer knowing that once I transfer I will be too discouraged to pursue courses outside my major. My yet to be defined major that is--ideally an amalgamation of three of the following: Communications/Film, Women's Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, English/Comparative Literature, Spanish. With a major in English and a minor in Spanish I can pursue certification to teach English abroad during summers which is the most appealing with the quickest gratification right now....hmmm.
As life tends to plant, however discretely, opportunities to fulfill your desires along the path-- I might be able to take a drawing class for free, compliments my favorite pervy barista. He keeps asking me to model for his drawing class (incentive being that the class would then be free). He asked Agent Pineapple as well and I would think that if it was nude he wouldn't approach it so nonchalantly, although a class where there are models to be drawn in charcoal with clothes on seems to be a rarity. I will have to look into this further. If it checks out, the soul-crushing factor implicit in formal art instruction could be sidestepped and for free!

Today's wisdom courtesy of Yogi Tea: "Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give."
Agent Pineapple and I are each looking for volunteer opportunities in our area, I have felt a disconnect for the past couple of years that I have been relatively uninvolved save for the occasional march/protest. I spoke with a woman from the YWCA and am considering rape victim advocacy--I just wish I knew if I have the strength before pursuing the intensive training. Another hmmm.
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PS: Question for my blogger users: Do you know how to make uploaded pictures larger without losing quality? I always upload using the "large" setting but it's just not large enough for my liking.

July 14, 2008

Weekend happy.

Selling at the flea market is hard work (the 4am -ness alone) but it is certainly an adventure.
Hats are like cats--they find you and we love it when they do!
Agent Pineapple is sporting a bright pink sun hat with contrasting embroidered flowers on the side while I am modeling a metallic paisley pillbox.
not as many vintage bikes as i had hoped. next time i hope to fall in love and bring one home.This majestic couch was left behind by a seller.
Decidedly, we fell in love with it's tackyness (see the barrel sides) and redness.
We wanted to bring it home and restore it.
But we had not the room to haul it.
It's for the best though--the possibility of roach eggs, heroine needles, or blood money taking refuge in the folds of sticky vinyl were too great.So we had a photosession, much to the amusement of the remaining sellers and loitering customers.This picture will mark my last day smoking.50 cents worth of joy that I can't wait to fill with my dreams and found treasures.
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July 8, 2008

My muse.

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Giants peel bark with potato peelers.

This is their billboard.
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July 6, 2008

Holiday weekend.

We are an old married couple (minus the bickering) and love every minute of it.

An idyllic weekend:

Marinara with green and red bell peppers and mushrooms on linguine.
The red ones are more juicy. The green more crispy. Mushrooms have the best texture when you bite into them.
Red potatoes sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with lemon-pepper, curry powder, and fresh garlic.
Romantic dinner with sunshine plates.
Love cupcakes months in the making.
Dark chocolate with Ghiradelli chocolate chips, cream cheese frosting, and colorful toppings.
Sugar lips.
Rucksack containing bed roll was tossed over-shoulder and we walked in search of higher ground.
To the top of the town we went to watch fireworks from all sides.
Morning kisses.
Breakfast of leftovers. Eggs scrambled with potatoes, mushrooms, and CHEESE.
Long walks, holding hands, cafes cortados, curling up with books and journals.
- -

dead bolts.

dead bolts., originally uploaded by kaliji.

the likeness is startling. the figure came to me in a waking dream. it wasn't until i painted the nose red that i knew who it was and the entire page changed.

i love how these representations capture the essence of how i see a person, more than a realistic portrait ever could.

expressing the darkness has become a relaxing, cathartic process. i feel like more of a conduit, letting it pass through me evoking no anger.

now i feel ready for a new challenge.