August 8, 2008

Gratuitous mirror self portraits.

gratuitous mirror self portrait, originally uploaded by kaliji.

adding to the chaos., originally uploaded by kaliji.

It's not my fault that my old neighborhood has amazing public washrooms. I just noticed how when I take pictures my pinky is in full salute, that's embarrassing. The digit becomes erect when I hold coffee cups too, and with other beverages on occasion. Fortunately the problem can be circumvented by using a straw; they should make straws for hot beverages. That doesn't solve the picture-taking problem though.


Kaitlin said...

these pictures are so fun! and your pinky problem is hilarious...I have it too though lol

ksklein said...

the reddish tones of your pics just really always look good. so for a "non-english native speaker"... what is a pinky?