February 4, 2009

Chasing the moon.

I saw the most beautiful sliver of a sideways moon last week on my way home and planets like jellyfish, billowy tentacles of light ascending toward the heavens. The sliver was daintily perched between the two lines of trees on either side of the street. When I went back out to take a picture it was gone, I ran to the highest spot but I couldn't find it. The next night, it was high in the sky and no longer a sliver, but I snapped a quick picture anyway down my driveway. I'll be ready if it comes around again this month: February 28th.

xo Lara


eb said...

I LOVE this
BEautiful moon photo
BEAUTIFUL journal page
juicy jellyfish too...
yes - to moon journaling

xox - eb.

Anonymous said...

Oh your blog is beautiful..your header , your art is awe inspiring.I'm so glad I visited you..Orly

Stephanie said...

you captured magic here....

the jellyfish stars, perfect


Anonymous said...

wow, I thought this was a painting at first glance. Nicely done!