June 11, 2009

Potato Play.

A couple of weeks ago my mother, Mama Marshamallow, raced over and knocked on my door practically out of breath to tell me about potatoes. She was about to fry up some potatoes when she discovered that they had quirky characteristics. I love that she looks at vegetables differently now that I've been taking pictures of them. Well today she wanted to make potatoes again and eat one of these little characters, so I had to take pictures.

Abstract potato love:

Doodles the duck.

Wally the walrus.

Look at that face!

And last of all a butt. Potatoes have cellulite too!

Have you eaten your vegetables today? We ate the butt potato.


Linda Woods said...

I love the walrus. Sadly, that butt looks too familiar. I think I am sitting on it.

Stephanie said...

ha!! reminds me of Cliff Claven and his Richard Nixon potato!! (Cheers, tv show...too young?)

These are incredible images of this lowly little vegetable..and yes, I've eaten mine and weeded the community vegetable garden too :)

Anonymous said...

funny! I love your vegetable photographs, they remind me of Georgia O'Keffe's paintings.
Wanted to tell you that I lost my blog...long story, but the new one is posted on this comment. Hope your well my friend and enjoying the summer and your art classes!