January 22, 2008

celebrating new art supplies! (self portrait tuesday)

For Self Portrait Tuesday's theme of celebration I am celebrating my new schtuff. My lady and I went to Hobby Lobby and I replenished my red and black paint supply and added island blue and royal fuschia (♥) to the pallete. I also got some ink to play with, an alphabet stencil and a fun ceramics tool that's great for scratching, poking and dripping. Can I get a whoo whoo?!
The furry hat is a staple this week as it's been hella cold in Chicago. But it snowed yesterday so I can't wait to build some anatomically correct snow chicks to scar the brats on the block ;)
PS: I wish my Russian hat was as cool as the purple one Thereza drew here.


Thereza Rowe said...

very cute! Josh would certainly wear it too...lol
what is it with art shops hey!?! we just can't keep away from them! i'm going back to my fave one tomorrow. By the way, thanks for lovely comment and i shall name the next one 'solitary' drawings, it does sound better and more to the point... ;)

Blue's Creative Outlet said...

Sweet! I love scoring new craft stuff too. It's so much fun carrying it home and thinking of new stuff to do with it. :)

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Post pics of your snow chicks!