January 27, 2008

Inner Child.

What I love about this spread is that it's kind of ugly and full of primary colors (♥). When I use primary colors, I feel connected with my inner child. I found the background in my stash of art and writing from childhood. It's amazing to note the freedom present in all childhood endeavors. How the page was just my playing with a shape stencil, and the primary colors were scribbled randomly yet a pattern emerged. I embellished it with a little extra color and sharpie where it pleased the eye but kept the playfulness in tact.
I also love doing contours because they get me off the hook so to speak. I find drawing to be extremely daunting, but when I already know the drawing will turn out weird and ugly I can resign myself to it and move on. I'm going to push myself to draw more because I think childish drawings are more expressive and appealing than photorealist ones. So I can't really screw up. Everything is relevant.
I've been wondering about style lately, and whether or not I'll ever develop one. Each spread seems so different from its predecessor. But style shouldn't be a concern in a journal. I'm starting to relax, viewing my journal as a safe place to play and infuse with my "me-ness."
An important aspect of play for me is writing down everything that is inspiring or thought provoking. Words, quotes, revelations, lists, dreams. That is the purpose of the molitos and I finally have a new one thanks to my lovely lady :) It's a plain pocket journal and I adore the plain pages and it's thickness.

The cover: more primary colors and white polka dots.

Dreaming of Bucharest, fun words, and inspiration from J.J. Abrams (creator of Lost!)
Ahem, my addictions...

I'm going to go drink some chamomile tea with my inner child now and we're going to think of ways to have fun during the winter months because being couped up in one's room all day is no fun.

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Thereza Rowe said...

hey, i love the polka dots cover!!!! pocket ones are my favorites.
yeah, there's something powerfully wonderful about primary colours isn't there? i couldn't do without them :) i like what u wrote about journals being a safe place to express yourself, style shouldn't really be a concern. i guess it takes care of itself as the fear of screwing up fades away. there's some cool stuff here!