December 30, 2008

Remembering fall.

Amy's farm

Photo sessions with Baby the deer.

Playing dress up in a sinewy crate.

Posing for Amy's camera.

Feeling beautiful.

Examining a table of turkey feet laid out to dry.
Editing these photos took me back to these magical moments in time.
Missing the photographic goddesses who are traipsing around Scotland meeting trapeze girls and wishing I was along for the adventure. 
Trying to see the beauty in a particularly crappy winter.
The winter blues., originally uploaded by kaliji.

Perhaps if I had long underwear I would be more apt to explore my surroundings, traveling coffee mug in hand to warm the throat. When I have all day to play the winter blues can't catch up to me.


Stephanie said...

OK, wow photos and your painting would brighten up MY cold surroundings!!

Happy New year!!

●• Tiny Red said...

you both look fab in these pictures! two very beautiful ladies!!!

happy new year Lara! lovely to see you back posting more often :)