December 2, 2008

Space Helmets or Anti-Satellite Apparatuses?

This what Agent Pineapple and I did over Thanksgiving break. I had been wanting to make space helmets ever since I got this kitschy craft book over a year ago. I was hoping that this exercise in crafty fun will pave the way for more creative adventures as soon as I'm free from the bondage of the fall semester.
If you are finding yourself in need of a space helmet/anti-satellite apparatus then follow my directions below.

1 large balloon.
1 roll of tin foil.
masking tape.
aluminum tape.
bits and bobs.
your head.
  1. Inflate balloon until it larger than your head, tie.
  2. Wrap it with sheets of tin foil a few feet long until it is entirely covered 3-4 times over.
  3. Cut small pieces of aluminum tape and crinkle so that it will blend in seamlessly. Place on any trouble areas where the foil is popping up.
  4. Insert scissors in the bottom, pow! the balloon pops, and cut a hole large enough for your head to fit through. A lot of trial and error with this one.
  5. With your masking tape, cover the interior of your soon to be space helmet. This will strengthen it and preserve its form.
  6. Cut a hole for your eyes to peek through!
  7. Cut longer pieces of aluminum tape, crinkle, and stick around the edges of the hole you just cut. You may want to put more masking tape on the other side so no sharp edges irritate yo face.
  8. Trick out with detritus from your junk drawer and make it look spacey.
Our masks:
Agent Pineapple's mask features a small tin hat and contrasting masking tape trim.
My mask features three very important knobs which originated from tires and two antennae from recycled notebook spirals.Alien ancestor?

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Anonymous said...

this is why you guys are my favs

●• Tiny Red said...

awwww, this is so much fun!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.