May 25, 2009

Incubation and Face Play.

I love faces. I love painting them. I love drawing them. I love collaging them. 
I need to get out more so that I can take pictures of them.
Talk to strangers, take their candy, and then their picture.
Make new friends and make art with them.
Walk on the cracks in the sidewalk.
Before taking pictures
and making rubbings
and stuffing art
finding the time
to reach within
scoop out the pulp 
and synthesize by feel
that which cannot be seen.
Crouching in the dark with lightbulb suns
and incubating my dreams.  Birthing saturated
works of self to set free: prayers. New forms, new mediums,
new ways to set things free. Finding it hard to find my groove,
to scoop out. But, an art class is forthcoming with a new face each week to draw.
And it's free and very chill: paper bags are encouraged as an art surface and our friend who teaches it uses the scientific principles of DaVinci to make sense of the line and the eye-hand connection. I need to buy shellac today, you'll see what I mean. And last night I found my googly eyes. Whoo hoo.


Thank you Robin for posting about these digital canvas boxes. I can't get enough of them! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting me Lara...I LOVE your many faces..your art..and your writing is superb...I can totally see these faces 'popping up' or even face parts, ears, noses, could be so cool..

susanna said...

I have a fascination with faces, too. It's interesting to see how you interpret faces through various art mediums and styles. Your class sounds interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love the imagery recieved whilst reading! Your true art form is not only your gorgeous pics and paintings, collages, but truly (for me) is your gift of writing! You give me the gooosebumps! I think Im in love with your words! And "making new friends, taking candy from them and making art!" How completely intimate and pure, I love it! Your great Lara!! oh, by the way it was a solid perfume bottle of patchouli! yum!!
And yes yes!! would love a field trip we could do together and maybe blog about it?? Lets brainstorm..yes?

Stephanie said...

I adore your faces....I am in awe of artists that paint/draw/create faces.

This class sounds wonderful

wishing I could take it too....

your creative spirit soars, I am thinking your groove is pretty well found


donna said...

I love faces/heads (and hands)! RightOnSista! I CAN'T wait to seeeeeee! ;)