May 30, 2009

Saturday Artist Date

Open flowers, open doors.

Welcoming us to our favorite cafe. The one owned by our favorite saucy Italian lady that we've set foot in only once before in search of authentic gelato.

It is such a dream inside. Cerulean, turquoise, rust, burnt sienna, bronze, and sunflower yellow adorning the textured walls and authentic tin ceiling. Adorned by delicate swag lamps and crepey curtains this cafe is truly a romantic's haven.

Ahhhhh my house will look like this.
Looking at the pictures again is both calming and invigorating, like remembering time spent in a far off place. We are thankful for a warm place that tickles and arouses our creativity, amps up that drive to make.

Discovering the bathroom was also a treat. The door looks is a magical portal, sky rimmed in gold. Another self-portrait in the bathroom: Rosie the Riveter came out to play coaxed by the promise of a starry night.

Agent Pineapple and I made lists, plotting future projects. I'm going to make the perfect journal that can both withstand mixed media artwork and transport detritus as well as cute little albums for our photo booth strips. The list became increasingly general from there: print-making, assemblage, collaborative projects. I have been waiting for a project to find me. Something to explore through multiple mediums and formats. Something to be consumed by. My eyes are peeled, I'm on a stakeout, and Saturday artists dates will become a weekly affair!
And maybe if we become regulars at the cafe, Saucy Italian Lady will let me take some real pictures with tripod and all, with models, and ponies!
xo Lara


Stephanie said...

Isn't it wonderful to find such a beautiful sit, comfortably for hours, being inspired by the surroundings and the company.

Funny how these spots seem to always have fabulous bathrooms!

Anonymous said...

Love that restaurant! She has great taste..and I see that turquoise mirror in that back room..I have that exact mirror hanging over my bed.

Anonymous said... the picture frames around your photos! very cute

Anonymous said...

that coffee place looks adorable. what's the name of it? is it in naperville?

●• Thereza said...

and what a gorgeous cafe!!! :)
best of luck with your new projects::::

Elicia said...

what an amazing little place!