May 23, 2008

Body painting.

I declared today a "me" day. I am so grateful for the days spent playing in my art journal, discovering new music, and mashing frijoles while drinking coffee by the pot.

The contrast between my first week of summer and the oppressive (prescribed) priorities that are work and school is overwhelming. I've been having a lot of fun lately. Much of it is due to how backpacking in Utah has changed my outlook on living. It caused me to commit myself to actually doing the things I dream up, taking risks, and trying my best.
I don't want to miss out on potentially life-changing experiences or opportunities, especially because I feel that I'm not up to it in some way.
There is so much to learn and see and do.

Agent Pineapple and I decided to paint each other's faces and tatas the other day in order to make prints in our journals.
Then we ran through the house half naked past my horrified sister in the kitchen and out to the backyard, potentially in the neighbor's (5 houses worth) full view, and took pictures. It was chilly and exhilarating not to mention I relish any opportunity to horrify my sister.

The resulting prints of some of the photos in addition to the face/tata prints have provided me with more than enough journal fodder to get me back into the journal mind set. Between starting a new journal and coming back from a two month + hiatus from creating I had been feeling a little frustrated until now.



Agent Pineapple said...

Awwwww I love what you did with our faces it's awesome. i still havent done much with mine though, still working on it. :) anndd i have that same pic of you on my desk top and i edited it almost the same way ....weiirrdd.

Linda Woods said...

The photo, the reason, the blog post-everything- fantastic!

vaijkas said...

i and bart were planning to run around some fields naked in the middle of the night. wanna join us? no? i understand.