May 26, 2008


"Dare to Saturate" is an entreaty to live your life in the present as vibrantly as you can.

My dream world is highly saturated and vibrant. I imagine that my spirit is nourished by rainbows and grows brighter with knowledge, experiences, and art.
Rainbows are dangerous in our culture: they are a symbol for marginalized sexualities, lead to fool's gold, adorn girl's toys--and are therefore not appropriate for sensible adults. Individuals that are too colorful are marked as the derogatory eccentric because they choose not to hide behind somber hues and lead quiet, somnolent lives. The colorful have nowhere to hide, have nothing to conceal, and don't apologize for it. I think we could all use a little more color.
There is so much more I want to say about this, but I have work at 8 in the a.m...poo.

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Agent Pineapple said...

Ok so you are beyond amazing.. This is just ONE of my fav spreads of yours and i love what you had to say in your entry and I fully agree :) I LOVE COLOR!