May 21, 2008

Summer adventure planning.

This past weekend was aweshum. On Saturday we went to Navy Pier for the Chicago Green Festival, which was filled with yummy organic food samples with some dancing hippies and cat ears thrown in (my fave). We walked back to Ogilvie in the pouring rain trying to keep each other warm and then stuffed our faces with the contents of a Taco Bell Big Box affirming my poorly practiced belief that just because it's cheap doesn't mean you should do it.
Sunday was Museum Day in my neck of the woods so we made sure to hit the art museum. Took quite a few pictures with our camera phones for inspiration. Then walked over to Caribou and relaxed for a few hours to play with our journals and make lists of all of the things we want to do and experience this summer together.

by agent pineapple
Me making the list below in her journal at Caribou

by agent pineapple
Our supplies and adventure brochures gleaned from The Green Festival and Museum Day

The list
This weekend there will be bike riding, forest preserve, taboo taboo, fireworks, and a BBQ :)
I can't wait to check things off.
We're list people.


Agent Pineapple said...

i heart being list people :) and last week was amazing,cant wait till this week love

Nise said...

Love the photo of you writing lists. Lists are cool

vaijkas said...

there are no sunsets over the lake in chicago. just sunrises.