February 17, 2008

art is love.

It feels like ages since I last posted, but that's good because I was up until five thirty and finished three spreads :) I never cease to be amazed at how a spread can come together over a week or so. I painted the background for this a week ago and was stumped with how to proceed. Could an abstract painting stand on it's own? What more could I possibly do with it? But last night the paper, words, and eyes found me. "You made me feel like the one" are lyrics from the song Dakota by The Stereophics which came on while I was staring at the black spaces. Happy dance!

For Valentine's Day, which was amazing because I have an amazing lady friend :)
I never realized the art-heart connection. My heart was so filled with her that there was no room for art. The burning in my chest was the same.

An exercise in randomness: green style. I was looking through the how to wreck a journal flickr group for inspiration to do a little desecration of my own to the moleskine. There is only room for one more spread, it's no time to get soft :)
Have a great week!


Thereza Rowe said...

it doesn't look like poo! but yeah, change is good!
you could choose a spread, can and crop it or scan a few of your favorites and make a collage...the possibilities are endless! hehe

Mariposa said...

Love tends to make us forget a lot of things, eh? *grins*

As for the banner, Oh I dunno, I'm kinda of digging you in the chef hat!

I always tend to focus on one piece of art that is just expressing me at the moment and make it the feature int he banner. Maybe try that?

Agent Pineapple said...

stop making me blush you! <3 I can't wait to see what you do for your last spread :) I'm excited, even if you're not lol.