February 2, 2008

photocopiers are almost as cool as photobooths.

If like me, you envy the elegant and funky photo strips in people's journals or amalgamated on Photobooth Friday, I present thee with a cheaper, bigger, and more dangerous alternative: photocopiers! Grab a friend (or not), a pocketful of dimes, and head to your local library for oodles of fun encapsulated in a sheet of 11x17. Why is it dangerous? Because snooty library gestapo and office snitches lurk behind every corner, so a lookout is a worthwhile tool to avoid being reprimanded for the misuse of facsimile equipment.
I challenge you to make some photocopy self portraits (or group shots) and use them in your journal or for decorating your walls :)

Things that made me happy today (from 43things):
Finally installing Photoshop on my laptop and playing with it (i.e. the images above and the one below)
Watching indie flicks with my madre
Blogging at my favorite local pizza joint
Thinking about her
Writing down my 2008 list


Agent Pineapple said...

you always make me laugh :) (In a good way)

Say Goodnight and Go said...

I remember doing the whole photocopying of the face with you once. It was fun.

Oberon said...

.......very nice.

Say Goodnight and Go said...

Ha. I knew that was me

Anonymous said...

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