February 7, 2008

winter birches and adventure.

This week has been amazing with four wonderful snow days (some self-declared) and resulting adventures. I've been thinking a lot about how to connect with others and am working to forge new friendships. I feel lucky every time I have the pleasure of meeting someone who is eager to reach out to others. They encourage me to reach out back and to reach out to those that are more apprehensive and less trusting.

On Monday night my lovely lady and I went to a beautiful bohemian apartment located above a storefront, being rented by two of the warm people with whom we have become recently acquainted. We had a couple beers, chilled to music, and talked for hours. I'm always pleasantly surprised to encounter warm, hospitable folks my age. It seems to be on the decline with my generation.

On Tuesday, we watched Across the Universe with my mother, which only furthered our collective love for director Julie Taymor. If you're into the late sixties, it's a must see. The characters are modeled after sixties greats such as Ken Keasey and Timothy Leary with Terry Gilliam style animation.

Yesterday we trekked to a big box store and Jewel in search of sleds with a friend of mine from high school without any luck. But we did have a dance party in the cramped flower refrigerater and played with the squash at Jewel. It seemed like a good idea to drive behind the shopping center and dumpster dive for cardboard boxes to use as sledding implements at the time. We did not anticipate getting stuck in the snow though. After half an hour of shoveling and pushing we managed to escape unscathed (unless you count the snow ball fight). We dragged our boxes up the hill with the aid of tequila only to learn that cardboard is not as conducive to sledding as we had been led to believe. Fortunately, there was an abandoned deflated air bed that was the perfect size for all three of us to slide down together. There was also a skateboard deck that picked up mondo speed :)

It seems all to easy to succumb to one's hermitic tendencies in the winter, especially when it snows for most of the week. In sending out the right energies though, opportunities present themselves that entice one out of the house . It was just the ticket: a little fun and adventure.

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Thereza Rowe said...

i love this spread, the lines and dots that compliments each other. nice balance.
we have sunshine in london today so i might just move to the garden to draw there for a bit ;))