February 2, 2008

This year I want to (in no particular order):

Fall in love
Get a job
Take risks
Go on a roadtrip without a predetermined destination
Visit a spiritual vortex (Burlington, WI or Sedona, AZ)
Overcome my irrational fear of my sewing machine
Watch the sunrise on a beach with my lady
Skinny dip
Conserve more
Go to a French or farmer's market at least once a month
Perfect my Russian and British accents and add French to the repertoire
Create meaningful friendships and see my friends more often
Be less of a hermit
More bufu morning dates
Explore Chicago
Attend at least five concerts
Throw three theme parties and a dinner party
Visit the public library once in awhile (return stuff from two summers ago)
Art museums!
Learn sign language
Dedicate more time to learning Spanish
Make a mondo blanket fort
In summer dance barefoot outside in the morning once a week
Ride my bike
Get my driver's license (finally!)
Convert my room into an organized, inspirational space
Complete three assignments from Learning to Love You More
Send out RAOK's, postcards, mailart, and letters again
Finish a new journal every two months
Keep blogging
Make a shrine
Show my love more
Make some money
Live a more creative life
Be less fearful
Figure out what I want to do/study


Agent Pineapple said...

This is an amazing list and I wish you good luck :) I'm sure I can help you knock off one or ten ;)

Say Goodnight and Go said...


Pick one well go.
I already have tickets to go see pitbull and saul williams. Youre welcome to tag along.