February 9, 2008

No me...

I'm so going to get down to business with my school work tomorrow and not get carried away with Greasemonkey, installing flickr scripts, rss feeds and yahoo pipes....my inner nerd ran rampant today :) School should always be put off when the art journal groove gets revved up interdisciplinary style anyway.

Besides, if I had been studying Spanish instead of getting stuck outside a pool hall, I wouldn't have learned that coat hangers are very handy when your friend gets locked out of her car; especially when you can pull off the side view mirror and duct tape it back on.


Agent Pineapple said...

yay for coat hangers! and awesome new creation :) as always. I realllly like the vanilla envelope...:)))

Tracy's Photogaphs said...

awwwwwwwesome work! Inspirational!

In regards to your comment last month, they're kinda a series, but I used them as postcards, in one of my pc exchanges.