July 26, 2008

Love From Chicago.

This week we explored Chicago like a new breed of tourist--one without purpose but with a sense of direction. How silly to deprive myself of the best attractions my city has to offer because of my disdain towards those who adhere to the beaten path and its sickening commercialism.
In truth, I have found that it is also those whose goal it is to live "off the beaten path" who are deluded for they naively believe that path less traveled is not comparably commercial and restricting. Na'mean?
First stop: a water taxi to Navy Pier. The driver was fond of our Chucks (furry leopard print and classic black, respectively) and we were fond of his very important dreadlocks.The Museum of Modern Art is free on Tuesdays. This was in the shop--where I agonized for a good hour about which books I couldn't live without. I decided on The 1000 Journals Project, The Guerrilla Art Kit, and This Book Will Change Your Life (in a facetious sort of way).
We had the pleasure of seeing Cindy Sherman's work.MOMO also has free jazz concerts Tuesday nights --a swanky cashbar on the patio and couples picnicking on the lawn below.We fell in love with this place and its amazing gelato. It took a lot of staring and a few taste tests but we opted for Chocolate/Spumoni and Pistachio/White Chocolate.She wanted to show me the sunset over the city.
I pretended to be foreign.
So many beautiful accents and people.We had sat at this beach earlier.The fountain in front of L'Appetito at night.
We both have a thing for falling water--from both natural and human-made structures.
We seek out secret fountains and waterfalls. The only caveat was that we spent an unholy wad of cash on coffee at Starbucks and Ghiradelli and it was mere water dressed in brown. This is my disappointed face.Luckily dashing out of one's car and dancing randomly in subdivision parking lots and at railroad crossings can cure the bad coffee (and most) blues.
I've been thinking a lot about decision making this week--and in just looking over this post it is evident that I have serious probs when it comes to making them. When you stare at an ice cream freezer in Jewel for forty minutes before deciding which two flavors to purchase, you need help. If I freak out about the most inconsequential of decisions--how can I decide which college to transfer to? How will I make the right decision about the the things that are important? Simple: stop agonizing about making the right decision in the first place, pooface.
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Agent Pineapple said...

Our adventure downtown was one of my favs. If only was had money to go on dates like that all the time. I like how you changed the tones of the pictures, it makes them more intimate <3 We def need to go to more waterfalls/ fountains and find hidden ones :)and...I cant believe I actually participated in the random dance party, must have been all the coffee :)

ksklein said...

I enjoy the warm and colorful pictures of your blog. The pics of Chicago do really seem to be like holiday pics. :)
So did you buy all 3 books? I´ve got The Guerrilla Art Kit and thought about buying The 1000 Journals Project. Now I discovered "This Book Will Change Your Life" here and I guess I´ll have to order it.