July 6, 2008

Holiday weekend.

We are an old married couple (minus the bickering) and love every minute of it.

An idyllic weekend:

Marinara with green and red bell peppers and mushrooms on linguine.
The red ones are more juicy. The green more crispy. Mushrooms have the best texture when you bite into them.
Red potatoes sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with lemon-pepper, curry powder, and fresh garlic.
Romantic dinner with sunshine plates.
Love cupcakes months in the making.
Dark chocolate with Ghiradelli chocolate chips, cream cheese frosting, and colorful toppings.
Sugar lips.
Rucksack containing bed roll was tossed over-shoulder and we walked in search of higher ground.
To the top of the town we went to watch fireworks from all sides.
Morning kisses.
Breakfast of leftovers. Eggs scrambled with potatoes, mushrooms, and CHEESE.
Long walks, holding hands, cafes cortados, curling up with books and journals.
- -


Agent Pineapple said...

This weekend was great. finally having the chance to be alone and not be bothered with negativity :) I love every moment!

Agent Pineapple said...

ok I really love the addition of the text :) every word made me smile!! :-D and now I'm hungry and wish it was still the weekend

Jonna said...

Love the sugar lips, your artwork and I love mushrooms.....

Thereza Rowe said...

wonderfully colorful!!!
hey Lara, you may like to check tinyred for fingerprint experiment results. :)