July 28, 2008

Clare lives in trees and borrows the chalk.

she told me her name was Clare., originally uploaded by kaliji.

I sat down with the intention to paint an ogre or giant (more about that project later) and became possessed by Clare. The drawing flowed out. Perhaps she is a tree spirit. This morning she showed me where she lives and plays.

Her eyes draw me in--coupled with the pointy ears her gaze seems impish. The full lips. The obstinate neck. One things for sure, she is a warrior.

Gesso, Charcoal, Graphite, & Acrylic.

- -


Stephanie said...

I like Clare quite a bit....you're right, very strong. That tree! looks like camo...

I've enjoyed my time as a tourist in Chicago...the public art, Millenium park....the Museums...sometimes it's nice to take a fresh look at things.

ksklein said...

clare is wonderful!