July 14, 2008

Weekend happy.

Selling at the flea market is hard work (the 4am -ness alone) but it is certainly an adventure.
Hats are like cats--they find you and we love it when they do!
Agent Pineapple is sporting a bright pink sun hat with contrasting embroidered flowers on the side while I am modeling a metallic paisley pillbox.
not as many vintage bikes as i had hoped. next time i hope to fall in love and bring one home.This majestic couch was left behind by a seller.
Decidedly, we fell in love with it's tackyness (see the barrel sides) and redness.
We wanted to bring it home and restore it.
But we had not the room to haul it.
It's for the best though--the possibility of roach eggs, heroine needles, or blood money taking refuge in the folds of sticky vinyl were too great.So we had a photosession, much to the amusement of the remaining sellers and loitering customers.This picture will mark my last day smoking.50 cents worth of joy that I can't wait to fill with my dreams and found treasures.
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aiste. said...

i'm so glad you're quitting smoking! :*
and why don't you invite me to flea markets? i have no idea where they take place!

with love and candies,

Daniel Costalis said...

"This picture will mark my last day smoking."

It's okay. The picture is incredible enough to make up for that ;-)

Do you want to play with my Argus C50? I'd love for you to use it and play with it if you'd like.