June 1, 2008

Amor y paz.

A portrait of Mz. Agent Pineapple in a style I'm trying to develop from a self portrait I did in my moleskine some time ago.
The colors on the face move from the earth tones she wears and feels comfortable in to the bright colors she loves and uses in her art. I had to add her cute little button nose and full lips and her affinity for zebra print :) The peace sign is very much a symbol of how she sees herself--she has a tattoo of one on the back of her neck and strives to be peaceful in her inner and outer environments.
¿Puede encontrar los mensajes escondidos dentro?

On the subject of love & peace, I came across these pictures I took last spring of a peace mural that was erected for a short time in my school's Art Center. If my memory serves me correctly, my hand is one of the rainbow ones :) I loved coming to class everyday and seeing new additions of art, poetry, and messages.
The last two close-ups are entries by my friend Aiste--an amazing photographer and mixed media artist from Lithuania. She likes to smell people, photograph dead things, and be awesome. I love the way she sees the world and wish I could crawl inside her head for a few days to see things through her eyes.
I also wish there were peace murals everywhere.


Agent Pineapple said...

ok now I'm blushing a little :)I love the addition of the yellow background even though I liked it before as well<3 If you want to incorporate me into your art DO IT, dont let people get in the way of your creative flow. It's YOUR art..not theirs! they will appreciate it for what it is. xoxo

Agent Pineapple said...

aww i miss the giant peace mural :( we should bring it back this fall :) or a different thing you can make comments on :) haha Aiste is insane I love her to pieces

Thereza Rowe said...

i love these pages!!!! fun!!! :D