June 26, 2008

Camera phones for good not evil.

As the mobile phone is the prosthetic most of us have resigned ourselves to, why not use it for something positive as opposed to feeling encumbered? While I refuse to have mine in contact with my body unless I'm using it since conducting an energy test I picked up in a Reiki class (*Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme plays*), I am actually starting to like having my phone with me (so long as it is on silent).
The camera is crappy but convenient--I can take a picture in seconds and all the while appearing inconspicuous. So many instances where I encounter something that catches my eye--something that I want to keep--I don't have the time or even the pluck to rifle through the compartments of my backpack in search of my digicam.
If your phone feels more like an implant than an implement, take the camera feature for a spin...and put the sucker on vibe or silent ;)

Take pictures of yourself, flowers and what makes you smile then send a pix message to your sweetie.

Or take pictures of everything that inspires you. Select one to set as your wallpaper or email them to yourself, print and paste in your journal or glue book.

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lia said...

haaa....I am not big on the cell either and always have on either silent or vibe. I always end up "trading" phones with my kids. I never liked them until my daughter gave me her gold razor. I had a pink one but it didn't have a camera like hers. It's amazing. I use the video on it too when I'm in the car and I do snap away when I feel the need. Ok, one thing I dont' blog about is that I do this mini vids when I'm driving to loud music. I spent so much time driving in the spring (which I hate), so it was a way to pass time. Lol. I have a few on youtube. have to find my user name. lol. I'll send to you. Oh, and I got a few good pics lately. rear view/spt like shots. Great post! xo lia

Thereza Rowe said...

lara, you are always soooo photogenic! i guess it's because you're beautiful just as you are! WOW! love the whole post! :)