June 1, 2008

Uncertain Fragments

vintage zebra fragments, originally uploaded by kaliji.
I recorded my thought process on the opposing page--about how in trying to get back into journaling and blogging I have found myself striving to create for an outside entity--the viewer.
  • Frustrated that I couldn't pump out a page each day or that I couldn't start, finish, and blog an entry in the same day.
  • Impatient for acceptance.
  • Feeling that I shouldn't keep using/creating images of the woman I love in my own journal.
I realized how inane that all is. My journal is for me. Every page need not be "uploadable," "bloggable" or anything else. Not to mention, being so hard on myself at a time when I'm still trying to get back into creating is overkill.

The fragments underneath the painting are remnants of a piece of paper itemizing the things I wanted to talk to my partner about at the beginning of the year when we were going through "rough times." Those issues were resolved because we both had the courage to vocalize, listen, and work hard so I covered the fragments with a photo of her and happy zebra print (which we are bananas for).
Thank you Randi for the title!


randi said...

Uncertain Fragments

Agent Pineapple said...

I also think that making art based on another persons likes and dislikes is nonsense! unless you are getting paid for it. and I cant wait to see how your style evolves :)

vaijkas said...

nice boobies kaitlin.