June 29, 2008

When was the last time you danced?

I firmly believe in the health benefits of dancing--I use health as an umbrella term for sanity, creativity, and vitality. Movement is almost always the answer for the blues and overall creative stagnation.
Dancing (in public especially) allows the spirits to lift by jettisoning all of the bullshit that weighs us down on a daily basis. I also recommend cleaning/organizing and getting a hair cut!

This past Friday the fam and I went dancing at one of our favorite joints where the crowd is older and a band we go way back with plays regularly. They play 60's to early 80's everything from "Great Balls Of Fire" to the "Boot Scootin' Boogie" and we love it. But more than their playlist I love how beautiful everyone looks when they're dancing. Older couples, women on their ladies' night out, seasoned ballroom dancers all cutting the same rug yet in their own worlds, as the collective spirit reaches near critical mass in the crowded venue. Wrinkles, cellulite, sags, bellies, boobs, and booties all gyrating to live music. I can't get enough. It's beautiful.

The lead singer dropped off some song request sheets at the table paired with the three page song list (in an 8 point font) at the table. I requested My Girl for Agent Pineapple putting Boobs as the occasion not thinking anything would come of it. I was delightfully wrong. He announced "A song dedicated to Kaitlin's boobs!?" and the whole band got into add-libbing "boobs" into the song. "My girl, my girl, my girl, talkin about my girl's boobs (boobs!)" ...."Talkin about my (boobs!) girl (boobs!). Needless to say we were dying of laughter on the dance floor as was our whole table. Other patrons, however, were not as amused :)

There was more dancing to be had at Chicago's Dyke March--the answer to the male dominated Pride Parade. The slogan this year was We Move. "We Move to create visibility, to honor our histories and identities, to disrupt oppression and dominance, to challenge silence and fear because we are everywhere, because we must survive. 1000 participants--the overwhelming majority of them moving together the largest dyke march in the past five years. Naturally, I positioned myself behind the drummers so that I could dance-march the twelve blocks along Pilsen's 18th street. I'm glad I participated this year, my first, as I've been yearning to be apart of a movement of women. Perhaps I should go for it and volunteer to help organize next year.

The song below is great for ze dancing yah and for ze maarch :)

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Agent Pineapple said...

we are so cute! and I still cant believe I was dancing...love makes you do crazy things. Things I would never even think of doing, like dancing and having fun while making a fool of myself hehe.