June 12, 2008

I eat cannibal, it's incredible.

I was lucky enough to see the rides alone on my way to the train this morning--the carnies asleep in their trailers. I found the shapes, lettering, and colors stimulating--especially the manner in which the carousel horses were decorated (much like trannies!). I can't wait to do work off these. This blue is the color that has been speaking to me--the one I can't seem to escape because it finds its way into most everything I create (yet is oddly absent from my crap collection).

While I am attracted to the bright lights and colors of the carnival, lights are not worth subjecting myself to an overpriced community fest of this variety--my aversion to teenage culture alone renders it a no-fly zone. The main streets choking on swarms of scantily clad young women presenting as virgin-whores, a hetero-normative role that they find increasingly comfortable to inhabit as they "mature". They are quite unaware that their behavior stems from messages hardwired into their atrophied brains by the MSM. And let us not forget the throngs of young men, whose only goal at this life stage is winning a protracted game of putt putt played with their members; a competition among peers to see who can get into the most holes. It's all too depressing--young women raised to believe that feminism is an f-word, a movement that is passe at best. They'll never even know what they're lacking.

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