January 4, 2009


2009, originally uploaded by kaliji.

This first page for the new year conceals an affirmation for 2009 and glittery punquita faeries saying "live fearlessly!" Agent and I went to Dick Blick the other day for the first time and what a magical place it is. I bought a slew of random implements to play with including some chunky sharpie markers to graffiti up '09.
Blick sells these cheap and nifty squirt bottles that are perfect for making your own fluid acyrlics. Mix one part water to one part acrylic and let the dripping begin. Way cheaper than buying an assortment of fluid acrylics to achieve the same effect. The chunky sharpies drip as well if you press the tip down firmly for a few seconds. I love the excitement that is evoked as paint careens down the page, wondering where it will go and if it will spread to other pages. The subsequent few pages left in my journal are now all tinged with red in one way or another. The impermanence and chance involved in working in a spiral journal especially is thrilling!
Live fearlessly!
xo Lara


Anonymous said...

great page!!! thanks for the comment about hugo ball--i checked him out, so interesting!

Jonna said...

cool page. I love running paint....I also loved the the Latvian fortune-telling ritual. I may have to give this a try next year, if I can wait that long.

Lady Troubadour said...

I've just started journaling and running paint (especially red!) is fast becoming one of my favorites too!

Your work is wonderful, so soulful and moving.