January 6, 2009

New Molie!

Bear fetish. originally uploaded by kaliji

Glitter oil salesman. originally uploaded by kaliji

The excitement of having a brand spankin new moleskine has yet to wear off :) I haven't had one since February when I moved on to a larger journal with spiral binding. I just could not stay away. I'm excited to have a new, clean slate for January. A space where ideas can evolve and flower into works independent of a binding: a goal for 2009.  A place to doodle and plant the seeds of inspiration. 
I have never been one to take too much stock in "New Years." After all, each day begins a new year.  Since the fortune-telling ritual, however, I am digging the Gregorian calendar. A tangible shift is occuring within me. For the past few days I have been feeling strangely content and serene--even joyful at the oddest of times. Listening to Kimya Daweson on my way to work this morning filled me to the point that I felt as if I were about to cry. A wave of what can only be described of as sentimentality took hold of me as I was handling the the influx of periodicals to the library I work at yesterday. I even enjoyed doing tedious tasks like copying and collating due to the sense of peace these tasks invoked within. My eyes are opening. I am consistently mystified by my day-to-day surroundings. I feel as if I can call myself an artist--a label which previously did not remain adhered for more than a few minutes. It is bonded to membrane of my soul now as if by epoxy instead of electrical tape. 
On Sunday the family fled to our favorite pizza joint for a few hours to be "out in the world." Mama Marshamallow's friend, who is a surrogate grandfather of sorts, was playing the claw game. First he captured a stuffed kitten which he gave to M.M. He surprised me with a monkey, his next and final prize. A monkey! My "sea monkey" manifested again! The mascot of new beginnings has since taken up a position of honor next to my Frida Kahlo display.
The roots of this shift are only partly steeped in the mysticism wrapped up in the new year. Mostly it is you. Your words. Your art. Your spirit. Thank you for all your inspiration.
xo Lara

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eb said...

Lara - you are such a delight!
going to try this divination method tonight - love your monkey - and I started a new moley today too - Happy New Year!

xox - eb.