January 13, 2009

First day of school.

Getting ready for the first day of a new semester

Documenting my new back to school ensemble: rust colored shirt and jingly earrings that remind me of peacock feathers

and getting distracted by the textures, patterns, and curiosities of the bathroom my mother decorated in the seventies

lovingly touching them through a lens 

photographing objects of the past while embarking on something new

illuminating the trinity while i'm at it


but not too much
Wondering how to fuse intellectual activities with the creative thrust that makes life
worth living. Hoping that I can manipulate the two causing them to push up on each other's edges this semester.

Taking, editing, and uploading pictures is relaxing. 
It is the quickest and most gratifying way to connect and explore artistically.
I don't need to be in a "zone," just a subject that intrigues me.
Art journaling can be more of a struggle.
Still searching
for a personal, effortless style.
wish me luck! xo lara


Caia said...

For me it's relaxing too :)

Nice colours on photos ;)

lynnspirit said...

Hey Booby!
Sharing the dusty nook with the world! Good--we shouldn't be the selfish about our dust. Awesome pictures--the colors are fabulous and I see some of the most grungy features looking like art.

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Lara,

You have a GREAT eye for photography.
And I LOVE your wall with the posters on them.

Great pictures.


Stephanie said...

I love this....the first day of school, no matter the age, is always something to prepare for and savor.

eb said...

where to begin dear Larushka
your spirit intoxicates me
your view of life
I want to colonize
tell your Mother
that she is so very fortunate
to have you
you inspire me
you are a star

xox - eb.