January 27, 2009

Nothing, Indiana.

Pictures of nothing.

Like sandy water in the sky.

Textures that go unnoticed

or are eradicated because their beauty is not apparent.

Seeing the little things

and appreciating them before they disappear or are washed away.

This intriguing structure may not remain for much longer.

Agent P and I decided that we needed to go for a Sunday drive. We flipped a coin once to determine North or South and again for East and West. This lead us to Indiana where we saw a rainbow in a single cloud floating above riots of development. When it is warmer and the snow isn't to our knees we will try and find this house again and remember that there were once footprints in the snow. I want to bring my camera everywhere, it's becoming a part of me. I'm always taking note of pictures I would like to take but soon forget about. 

Did you go on Sunday drives as a kid to another neighborhood or state? To the city or country? To people watch? My mother used to tell me stories from her childhood when she would nestle in the car with her mother and father every Sunday for a Sunday Drive. I hope that driving aimlessly to Love FM and the oldies stations becomes a Sunday ritual; having the freedom to pull over at every point of interest and take pictures (when it's not freezing). I love it, even if the destination seems boring the act of driving and listening to that happy music you can sing along to is worth it. 

Can you guess what the nothings are?
xo Lara


eb said...

needing to
name the

they are

xox - eb.

Stephanie said...

the noticing is enough...beautiful, mesmerizing..

and oh yes...road trips, to the southwest...

susanna said...

Oh, I love my roadtrips, too. It's so interesting to glimpse into the backyards of strangers, to wonder about their lives. In Pennsylvania I saw a teenager in full Civil War garb sitting upon his horse, in the middle of a field. In Kentucky, I saw chimney smoke hovering low over little houses and a black cow with a white skull design on his face. If you ever get a chance, take a train ride somewhere. You'll get a glimpse of little quiet towns that once were booming with business and bustling with life.

As for your nothings...I'm thinking seashore or a glimpse out of a plane window?

●• Tiny Red said...

noticing and documenting are essential to visual health :)
love the new blog header!!!

Jonna said...

Big Sigh! Thanks so much for the message and for missing me :) I've been crazy busy and hope to get some blogging done this weekend to catch everyone up. Loving the photos they are so great.