January 30, 2009

New journal, new directions

It's a huge computation notebook bound comp style. Don't you just love the cover? I have two smaller spirals by the same company for my compulsive non-school related notetaking and collecting of words. Each journal is getting larger than the one before. 

I found a stack of painted papers that I made a few years ago that inspired me to collage. Agent P. was really intrigued by them, so perhaps a paper painting afternoon is in order. It's difficult for us to both get into art mode at the same time and try to share what little floor space we have in our room. I can't wait to have my own little art room one day with a big table. A small space can be confining to the act of creation, not being able to find what one needs or see what one has. One day :) 

Refuse, bark, charms
Deer have been lent a special significance from my mother (it was her birthday yesterday!), I still keep my eyes peeled when driving through wooded areas for them. Such majestic creatures. I can't wait to hike through the forest preserves and soak in the green, commune with the flora, and collect more natural detritus for art.

The deer and fauns are from a book I borrowed on how to make hand shadows, I traced them onto notebook paper saturated in olive oil. I love the selectively transparent effect it lends. 
I'm really excited about the direction this journal is moving me towards. Collage is less intimidating on big graph paper for some reason. Whoop whoop can't wait to go outside and journal.
xo Lara


Stephanie said...

yes yes! paint papers...I LOVE your dear deer page...yogi tea...deer hand shadows...

happy birthday to you mom

eb said...

oh me too Lara - love this deer - dear deer image - I have many images along these lines - oh my - to tell you...

you know...

deer season here

I am loving your every move - keep dancing darling girl - and I am shadow dancing with you

xox - eb.

Anonymous said...

happy imbolc

today i found your kin


-spiritual twin?


Anonymous said...

wonderful !