January 6, 2009


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Doodling can be terrifying for perfectionists. The best, meaningful, doodles arise out of the nothingness where the act of their creation lacks intention and awareness. The fish and horned figure were doodles such as this that kept tugging at me to be cultivated and used. The bear in the last post was born of an image transfer gone horribly wrong. My sharpie followed the remnants of the paper that was supposed to transfer the image and a bear emerged. Consequently its leg was created with intention through the recreation of that mistake. I like to believe these creatures show themselves for a reason.
If doodling scares you too try this:
 Close your eyes and with a thick marker allow yourself to make a continuous mark on the page. Stare at the result. Turn it around. Do you see anything? Then make what appears in your mind's eye more apparent. Trace it. Work with it. Let it grow. Or leave it as is and smile.
❷ Or take a piece of paper and coat it with a thin layer of acrylic medium or plain old glue. Place it on a page in your journal and burnish with a spoon or the implement closest to you. Tear the paper away before the glue dries and doodle around what remains. 

About that onion skin, M.M. was corrupted by my foray into potato worship. As a result, she preserved the skins from onions which went on to flavor bean soup and gave them to me in the beautiful red netting they came in figuring that I would enjoy "doing something" with them. She was right :) After taking pictures of those papery wrappings I had to glue one into molie. I can't wait to start a vegetable garden and dig my hands into the earth. To use the inedible remnants.
xo Lara


eb said...

I have a potato that resembles a geode - I am drying it out next to the wood stove - when it is completely dry - I will gold leaf the interior of the hollow - you see it was a "rotten" potato that I am attempting to "repurpose" or shall we say - save...

will try these techniques tomorrow... thank you for your ongoing inspiration...

xox - eb.

Stephanie said...

Last night eb prompted me to particate in your new years ritual...I was a bit taken back because mine looked so fetal....and I am WAY beyond that :) but...I'm thinking it does look rather 'sea monkey-ish'...that feels better.

anyway, your doodling here reminded me of that.


Hélène Deroubaix said...

I rarely doodle
I have been sketching during the holidays but perhaps I want to improve my work always so I dont take the time to just play and let my subconscious talk via doodles that wll born out of nowhere :))
might be fun, thank you for the kind words at my blog Lara
I think I'm multisided so I guess I can be ugly too, desperate and many other negative or sad things, we live the day, the emotion in deep and we grow, we evolve, we coil want to come back home and then we fly away, life is so strange, so may cycles inside cycles
I am constantly amazed by it and where the emotions can take us...

I hope 2009 begins wonderfully for you, Be well and have some colorful fun!
I love your new profile picture!