March 24, 2009


I did my favorite yoga DVD this morning. The first time I've practiced yoga in months. Not only was it humbling (it used to be my easy video) but the wave of serenity that washed over me as a result stuck with me all day. Soft rain and thunder. Taking pictures through the window. Blogging as Agent P. plays in her journal. Hot coffee and gooey cinnamon rolls. Watching a fun movie with my family. Having a smile on my face for no reason. I had forgotten how yoga used to prime my day. A rainy day stuck inside the house would have otherwise been draining. 

I'm thinking about trees and playing in the forest. I'm anticipating climbing one for the first time,  looking for human and animal faces in them, and capturing their fallen sheathing as they shed old bark to use in my journal. 

I've also been thinking about my list.

    15. Host a portrait party
    16. Host a dinner party
    17. Visit my brother in Detroit
    18. Surprise the people I care about
    19. Venture to Illinois' ghost towns
    20. Photograph that cute cafe owned by that saucy Italian lady
    21. Make a book of the favorite parts of my journal pages
    23. Keep an inspiration board
    24. Overcome the fear of my sewing machine (T-shirt surgery party?)
    25. Spray paint! and stencils!
    26. More mail art
    27. Paint the thunder horse1 Amy's dad carved

Spring is like hopium and I like it! Breezes of cloying optimism that dissipate slowly, such that you don't even realize they were ever there.

1 In tribal lore, the thunder horse stomps to create thunder and has a warrior spirit. Carved thunder horses are used in ritual dances.


Stephanie said... that! I could not live without my yoga practice and am constantly amazed at how it lifts me.

happy almost beautiful spring weather to you!!

kazumiwannabe said...

You have a very inspiring, interesting and energizing blog! Beautiful photos and a lot of ideas - love your series of self portraits in the back yard, it's great!