March 8, 2009

Cycled Thoughts magic.

I was on of the lucky winners in Sarah Elizabeth Condon's Cycled Thoughts Giveaway! Not only does Sarah keep an art & design blog called Visual Influence, she is also the curator of The Eclipse Gallery. Her Cycled Thoughts series raises critical questions about the relationship between artists and critics. In so doing she inspires: "How can you have your own opinion if you buy into other’s? Critics are being replaced by a general awareness of the capabilities of ourselves. How can you, as an artist, create original art, if you care?"  She describes the series as "autobiographical, a conglomerate of me. Recycled elements, found objects from my frequent nature hikes, stitching, and brutally honest text. A reflection of my life."

I got it in the mail Friday! This precious object jingles due to the bones and glass enclosed in repurposed packaging stitched onto crumpled paper on which Sarah wrote her thoughts on love in pencil. She advised me to hang it by nailing it directly into the wall. So cool, thank you Sarah!

Pieces from Cycled Thoughts and her new series Brave New Typography are for sale in her shop.

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sarahelizabeth said...

Thank you so much!!!