March 22, 2009

Sunflower discovery

We love our old Buick.

Driving in the sun with the windows down.
Bouncing to cassette tapes.
Roads splitting and bulging at their seams
into pot holes scantily patched.
Pulling over and discovering.
Reflections off the hood.
Photographs through sunglasses.
Looking through mounds of dirt and shiny things
for unburied treasure.
A pile of terra cotta tile shards
with sunflowers. 
A bag full!
The coolest jukebox ever.

It is officially Spring Break! I'm enjoying a few, much needed, hours to myself. Lately the only alone time I've come across is during all-nighters (yes I am a procrastinator). That said I have much school work to do despite this respite, but I will not neglect artistic pursuits. There are pictures to be taken, pages to be painted, mail art to be created, and dreams to be had. 

A list in progress:
  1. Climb a tree!
  2. Self portraiture: photo, sketch, paint
  3. Develop Clare's narrative
  4. Conceptual photography
  5. Make prints of my photos
  6. Write a short film already
  7. Shoot 8mm
  8. Get organized
  9. Road trip
  10. Think of a series
  11. Practice yoga
  12. Drive (still don't have my license...)
  13. Get published
  14. Pick a major


Anonymous said...

I love all these photos! Brillian work! And really amazing to look at! Is the new Camera all yours? If so, congrats on owning a swell piece of camera! Well have to pic each others brains a bit working with Canons..Im still learning about mine.

Stephanie said...

Do you netflix? We just watched the 2006 international awarded short films, live action and animation. Many..MOST..are fantastic, I would highly recommend!