March 18, 2009

Curiosities galore.

A package from Kate!
She collects bones and nests and bugs and flowers.
And crafts amazing and creepy displays for them.
She also crafts clothes and diapers and bags and has an etsy shop.
This is the shrunken head she made with her boys out of an apple.

From her letter: "Little bones, a grouse foot, a rusty nail from our barn, butterflies that accompany our summer days, dragon fly wings, birds nest made with birch bark." And a Virgen de Guadalpue matchbox filled with little treasures including a little rubber frog and ladybug, shark teeth, a molar.

I was so intrigued by Kate's curiosities on flickr, you can see them here, here, and here, that she sent me a box full of treasures from her home. I can't wait to make little homes for them of my own. For now they're a livin in the jewelry case and tins.
Thank you so much, Kate!
xo Lara

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Anonymous said...

lol! the molar is from a raccoon that we had to shoot for getting into the chicken coop. (hey, that rhymed!) I should send you some pics of the still life's made in the house from all these things to give you some ideas. I meant to tell you all things that used to be living from the package, ie. grouse foot and the little neat green bug, they have mummified so no worries of any decay! The big bone vertebrae is from VA beach, big fish bone. I think that covers it.. Thanks for blogging about it, makes me feel all special and stuff..shucks!! xoxo