March 28, 2009

Climbing a tree, step 1.

Go to a forest preserve.
Find a beginner's tree, or one with a thick trunk that splits into 3 or more
 smaller trunks near the ground.
Lean on one of the trunks for support and climb a little higher.
Go down the way you came.

Clavicle level is as high as my feet allowed me to go. Considering my fear of heights I consider it a feat!
Do you see that building in the background?
It's abandoned.
xo Lara


Stephanie said...

well you are a brave soul in my book to have gotten even that far...great photo shoot!

Jonna said...

Beautiful pictures.... I used to live in the trees when I was young always climbing higher than anyone else...had a great fall before entering junior high and have been afraid of heights ever since...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lovely! Your are simply gorgeous my dear!