March 9, 2009

Rainy day with Anais.

Anais 3.
Anais 1.
Anais 2.
Cat back.
Anais 4.

I never knew that this one loves the camera so. She must have got it from her mama. Anais is typically the aloof, flighty cat, unless you're in her domain then she follows you around everywhere and chirps like a bird. She never learned how to meow and she climbs to the top of the windows with her claws. It was very nice of her to model for me for 200+ frames workin' the window sill for me like a covercat :) I must shoot more of the creatures in the future. They're so expressive.
Oy it's midtern time. Adios.
xo lara


Anonymous said...

hey!! Are we done with exams or are you stilling in hiding until its all said and done?? Hope the package got to you okay, Im just going to assume it did and your knee deep in studying! Good luck!

Randi said...

What camera are you using here...these are amazing.